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Precise Standard Scales for Dedicated Shipping Applications
  • Designed to withstand constant use from offices to distribution centers. Fast setup with connection to shipping systems like UPS and FedEx. “GeoCode” application for local calibration adjustment.
  • Display Hold retains weight data and presents it on a large, easily accessible backlit display. Its Weight Alert mode alerts users to packages that may be too heavy in relation to defined values.
  • Courier 7000 can run on USB type-C or disposable battery power. Optional Ethernet, second RS232, Bluetooth/WiFi, remote display, ball top and roller top for material handling efficiency are available.
Low-Profile Scales Ideal for General Shipping and Animal Weighing Applications
  • Easy-to-use scales for general shipping use with painted steel base. Stainless steel pan holds up to daily use and is easy to keep sanitary. Adjustable display for mounting to adapt to your workspace.
  • The Dynamic Weighing/Display Hold application is ideal for large boxes and packages as it retains weight data on the display. It's also ideal for animals in veterinary applications.
  • AC adapter power included. Simple USB type C for data and power connection – includes UPS software protocol string. Can also run using disposable battery power.
User-Friendly Basic Low-Profile Scales for General Shipping and Veterinary Applications
  • Ideal for general shipping jobs or veterinary applications. Low-profile design with 1.5 mm thick painted steel platform to last rigorous daily use. Coiled cable ensures flexible display mounting.
  • The Courier 3000’s Display Hold mode (for use with large boxes and packages) retains weight on the large 1.1 in./28 mm high backlit display, until cleared.
  • AC adapter power included, and disposable battery power (not included) for portable use.
Compact Portable Shipping Scales for General Shipping Applications
  • Its ultra-compact ABS plastic design combines light weight and durability. Courier scales are exceptionally easy to transport thanks to their integrated handles.
  • Large 0.8 inch/20 mm-high display works with Dynamic Weighing mode to store data and ensure it is easily accessible when weighing packages. It is also ideal for weighing small animals in veterinary use.
  • Battery powered (batteries not included) for use in the office or shop. AC adapter power included.