A centrifuge
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Pipettes that Combine Accuracy, Comfort, and Durability
Durably constructed to be stable, sturdy, and tolerate consistent use as well as contact with hazardous or harsh solutions, Across Pro pipettes are built to last.
A stainless steel piston as well as a design that limits thermal conductivity come together to produce accurate, reliable, and repeatable liquid measurement with each use.
Designed for maximum comfort, an ergonomic finger hook, light plunger force, and low-drag seals limit discomfort typically associated with the repetitive use of pipettes.
Economical Universal Fit Pipette Tips
Across tips' extended length allow them to better reach the bottom of test tubes and are also built with technology that guarantees minimal liquid retention following dispersion.
The sterile Across tips comply with clean manufacturing principles and are free of DNase, RNase, and ATP.
Across tips' thin walls make them well-suited to work with pipettes of many brands, and their environmental friendly stackable packaging design makes them easy to organize.