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The Best Value for Durable Industrial Counting
  • Sturdy metal housing and slip-resistant rubber feet provide protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing while extending the scale’s usable life.
  • Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 4000’s 1:1,500,000 internal counting resolution and auto-optimization software that reduces errors and ensures accuracy.
  • The combination of SmarText™ software, a centrally located count display and dedicated Sample & Tare keys make Ranger Count 4000 very easy to operate.
Economical Compact Counting Scales for Basic Industrial Applications.
  • Accurate weighing and counting performance is assured through Ranger Count 2000’s high resolution, 10 item library function and auto-optimization software that reduces errors.
  • The 3 backlit LCD displays, including a centrally located count display, along with an easy-to-navigate menu, make Ranger Count 2000 easy to use in multi-step counting operations.
  • Ranger Count 2000 produces accurate results within one second and virtually eliminates your wait time and allows you to move at a pace determined by you, not your weighing equipment.
Reliability, Portability and Accurate Counting Operations in One Affordable Package!
  • Ranger Count 1000’s dedicated counting keypad includes numeric, Tare and Sample keys, makes counting operations simple and straightforward.
  • The APW memory provides storage for up to 10 commonly-used part weights, speeding up counting operations and minimizing redundant work.
  • Auto-optimization software recalculates the average piece weight with each batch of parts to ensure the accuracy of your parts counting process.