Precision Weighing Supports QC and GMP

Precision weighing has always been important in the laboratory environment, but with an increasing emphasis on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Control, it is becoming just as important in industrial environments. Here's why industrial companies are turning to precision weighing.

Quick, high-precision weighing improves productivity and quality control for all manufacturing applications. Higher precision scales yield more accurate readings, reducing the risk of over or under weighing, and eliminates the need to perform measurements multiple times. To control inventories, precision weighing also ensures that the proper amounts of raw materials are being used. Finally, precise weighing is vital to the packaging process, as the weight readout determines that the proper product quantity has been packaged. Even slight discrepancies in packaging amounts can create significant margin losses, or conversely, unsatisfied customers. High precision scales support improved quality assurance/control and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


GMP practices are required in the manufacturing, testing and quality assurance of food and drug products. As part of these guidelines, manufacturers must output weighing results to a system that records the time, results and operator of each transaction to ensure complete traceability. In processing and packaging, this approach also helps track incoming inventory and materials, and matches them with outgoing finished goods. Higher precision equipment guarantees these recorded results will be accurate to meet GMP guidelines.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Higher resolution scales support quality assurance and control by bringing laboratory balance precision into industrial environments. A scale's statistical output can provide a brief report summarizing the weight readings for a set of samples to confirm a system is within tolerances.

The precise Ranger 7000 can help improve quality control procedures through its GLP/GMP data output and differential weighing software that outputs SQC data in connection with the OHAUS SF40A printer.

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