OHAUS Defender 5000 series simplify weighing for wide range of applications

Introduce new software feature for Defender 5000 series
In the food, chemical and electronic industry, filling is a very important application when people need to fill a container to a target weight. More and more integrated automation systems with embedded filling application are used in the market. But there are still many companies carry out the filling operation manually. Gradually, they may face issues like less efficient, lower precision, lower speed and sometimes with human errors. With OHAUS updated Defender 5000, they can actually solve these issues. The updated Defender 5000 provides up to 4 set points for multi-channel filling or dosing which can maximum the productivity. User-friendly interface provide clear notification once the weight reaches set points, no need special training. And you can also connect with optional Discrete I/O kit for an auto-filling system.

Featuring most common applications including Filling, Percent Weighing, Parts Counting with APW optimization, Checkweighing or Checkcounting and Dynamic Weighing or Display Hold, the Defender 5000 meets the weighing and measurement needs of practically every industrial application or manufacturing process.
The OHAUS Defender 5000 Series multifunctional indicator and bench scale is ideal for a multitude of applications, including production, packaging, inventory and shipping.


Defender 5000 software update (Sr1.10)

Defender 5000 series indicator and bench scale's software has been updated to Sr1.10 with following upgrade:

Filling application:
  1. Up to 4 set points for multi-channel filling or dosing
  2. Once the weight reaches set points, a clear message will be displayed and * symbol will be added after SP icon.
  3. Customer can select to use 1-4 set points as needed
  4. Customer can also set the status of the relay output -normally open or normally closed.

USB flash drive or Barcode scanner support with the new USB host accessory (30572923).

  1. Weighing results can be stored in flash drive now. Customer can export and analysis weighing data more easily.
  2. Barcode scanner can help customer selecting and recalling item library with a single scanning.