Weigh it right with Pioneer PX

Weighing is the most commonly performed task in any laboratory.

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Safer and More Affordable Medicine for All? How Pharmacogenomics May Level the Playing Field

Pharmacogenomics – a new scientific research field focused on the interplay between the human genome and the safety and efficacy of modern drugs, may level the playing field for all patients.

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Cell Culture Passaging Protocol

Developed by OHAUS Corporation

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A Wave of New Bio Research Focuses on Male Fertility

Find out how OHAUS lab equipment is used by male fertility researchers

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Renowned Beverage Company Relies on OHAUS to Test New Products

Find out how Slovakian beverage producer, McCarter uses our MB120 Moisture Analyzer to maintain the quality of their beverage products.

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The Use of OHAUS Centrifuges for Crime Scene Investigation

Hollywood movies and television shows have introduced audiences to all kinds of cutting-edge, crime-solving forensic tools and techniques over the years.

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pH Measurements are Often Wrong! Sort it out with these tips.

Learn some neat tricks to thoroughly master pH measurement.

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Incorrect pH Measurements are Common - Some Easy Tips for Accurate Measurement Calibration

Here are some pH measurement tips from OHAUS to help you with pH measurement calibration.

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CRISPR – Is there anything it can’t do?

You’d be hard pressed to pick up a science or medical journal these days without reading something about CRISPR.

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Testing the Health Properties of Olive Oil with the OHAUS Vortex Mixer

A revolution in the olive oil industry has just begun, and OHAUS is a part of it!

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OHAUS AutoCal Feature Explained

AutoCal or automatic calibration is a feature that's found in advanced OHAUS balances such as the Explorer and the Adventurer series. Let's explore what this feature means to you.

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Protein Purification Workflow

The Protein Purification Process Simplified

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Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia s.r.o.

Continental Automotive Group, Slovakian branch, shakes its business up with OHAUS Heavy Duty Shakers

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Density Determination with the OHAUS Adventurer Balance

Read how the Adventurer's Density Determination feature is used in glass production and children's cough syrup manufacturing

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Cell Culture Applications for Cell Biology

In every successful relationship, communication is key.

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Use of OHAUS Reciprocating Shakers in Blood Processing

Blood is an essential part of life that's responsible for delivering O2 and nutrients to cells. Blood donation has become increasingly popular, and has received much attention and concern from various governments in the world recently. 

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Choosing the Right Equipment for Life Science Applications

It may be true that no job is too difficult to perform as long as you have the right tools. However, selecting the right tool for the job and how it's utilized often depends on who is going to use it. 

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Get to Know our Lab Equipment Line

With over 110 years of experience, OHAUS certainly knows the 'ins and outs' of balances and scales. But that’s not the whole story.

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Introducing Vortex Mixers from OHAUS

Whether mixing reagents of an assay in a biochemistry laboratory or suspending cells in a microbiology laboratory, the process of mixing is essential for day-to-day lab operations. We now offer a range of Vortex Mixers that are designed to handle everything from low to high capacities, various densities to gentle or vigorous vortexing action - depending on your application.

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OHAUS Products Help Control and Improve Seafood Processing

Streamline every aspect of food processing 

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Precision Weighing Supports QC and GMP

Precision weighing has always been important in the laboratory environment, but with an increasing emphasis on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Quality Control, it is becoming just as important in industrial environments. Here's why industrial companies are turning to precision weighing.

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OHAUS Electrochemistry Streamlines the Life Sciences

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Your Guide To Moisture Analysis

Learn the basics of moisture analysis 

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Welcome to the new OHAUS.COM

We're so excited about the new and you will be too. We've put a lot of thought into how to make information on OHAUS products more accessible to you, and to keep you updated on all things OHAUS - including current events, promotions and more.

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Federation Coffee

In Quest of the Perfect Espresso – the Story Behind Consistency at London's Federation Coffee

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