What to Look for in Buying an Industrial Scale  

If you are looking for ways to increase the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity of your business; choosing an industrial scale that matches your performance, and use needs is a must. 

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Do You Need a Mixer or Stirrer for Your Lab?

The action of combining liquids or other ingredients brings up the question ‘do you need a mixer or stirrer?'

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The Study of Inflammation and How it Relates to Chronic Diseases

And How OHAUS Plays a Small Role

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The Ideal Bench Scale for Chemical Packaging

In chemical packaging, safety is the number one concern. Having a versatile bench scale designed to withstand high-pressure cleaning goes a long way.

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Controlling Environmental Factors That Affect Weighing Performance

Learn how to identify and mitigate external influences that can negatively impact weighing results.

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Not All Moisture Analyzers Are Created Equal

SmartGuide™ Takes the Guess Work Out of Set-Up and Method Development to Help Ensure the Most Accurate Results.

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OHAUS Explorer Balance – Tips for TouchScreen Maintenance to Ensure a Great User Experience

Tips for TouchScreen Maintenance to Ensure a Great User Experience

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OHAUS Explorer – When Data Integrity Matters

The best laboratory balances offer reliable precision, advanced features, and data protection. OHAUS Explorer is up to your every weighing task.

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OHAUS Plays a Role in Insect Biotechnology and Vaccine Development

News coverage of vaccine development has helped shine a light on the lesser known field of insect biotechnology. See how OHAUS plays a role in lab applications.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging with OHAUS

OHAUS Defender™ 5000 Bench Scales meet the demands of pharmaceutical packaging operations.

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Brew ‘HAUS OHAUS Products Are on Tap at Your Local Brewery

From the lab to the shipping dock, OHAUS instruments play a key role in craft brewing.

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From Food Science Labs to Bakeries, OHAUS Stacks Up

Versatile food scales play an essential role in culinary education and baking.

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High-quality counting scales offer the best combination of accuracy, ease of setup, and cost

Choose the right one to suit your needs.

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How to measure moisture content in the wastewater?

In recent years, the environmental problems, including global warming, air/water pollution etc., has drawn extensive attention from the international community.

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Measuring pH of Pure Water and Other Low Conductivity Waters

Key Words pH, pure water, low conductivity water, low ionic strength, electrodes, solutions.

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Supporting Advances in Personalized Medication

Advances in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine have led to a major focus on laboratory research.

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Get More From Your Balance With Maximum Connectivity

In the modern laboratory, balance connectivity is second only to reliable precision.

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Washdown Scales Built for Food Safety

Durable, high-precision scales that can withstand daily use and high-pressure washdowns are essential to safe food handling.

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Introducing the New OHAUS Defender® 6000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale: A higher level of performance and durability

Stands up to harsh cleaning in processing and packaging environments.

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Detecting Pesticides in Food Requires the Right Lab Equipment

The prosperity of the food industry depends on the diligent work of experts in the field and precision laboratory instruments.

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Defender 5000 Check Counting in Quality Control

OHAUS Defender 5000 Check Counting in Quality Control

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Standard Operating Procedure pH Calibration

The purpose of this standard operating procedure (SOP) is to provide a framework for general calibration procedure for the best pH measurement precision.

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The Real Value in the OHAUS Brand and Why it Matters

Sophisticated equipment, when designed thoughtfully, can be easy to set up and operate.

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Accurate and Efficient Weighing Improve Productivity in the Logistic Center

The Ranger 7000 finally help this logistic center boost their efficiency and become more competitive in the logistic market.

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MetaBev, Inc. Depends on OHAUS Equipment For Beverage Development

Find out how the OHAUS Guardian 7000 hotplate stirrer helps craft the perfect drink.

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